Reflexologists refer to the foot as the “second heart” because it has over 60 meridian acupressure points.  Asian scientists invented detox foot patches with the intention of stimulating the above noted acupressure points with a healing effect. The believed the patches do not need to be placed directly on any particular point in order to receive the benefits...and that simply wearing the patches on the sole of the foot affects all meridian points.


“I at first thought that the patches sounded to good to be true.  Maybe the perspiration from your foot causes them to change color or something like that.  But I did the cleanse anyway because I have been feeling extra sluggish the last few months.  I know for a fact that the patches work.  In fact – each day I used the patch it was less dark and I was feeling better and better each morning. They 100% work – great product.” Melinda L.

All Cleanse Patch™ orders come with our famous guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying our product. Any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 60 days from the date you place your order. No questions asked.

The Asians Who Invented Detox Foot Patches Intended Their Use to Be for Anyone that Wants to:

  • Increase their energy and vitality
  • Get rid of toxins associated     with smoking cigarettes
  • Get rid of toxins and      germs associated with their      environment
  • Improve their immune system
  • Enhance their mental focus      and concentration
  • Wake up feeling refreshed      and motivated
  • Improve their circulation
  • Have more relaxed,
    un-interrupted sleep cycles
  • Relieve their Headaches and     Migraines
  • Relieve pain and discomfort of      joints, muscles and arthritis

“I am a smoker and I couldn’t believe that after I wore the patch it smelled like cigarettes the next day!  My wife and both used the patches together.  She does not smoke and her patch didn’t smell anything like cigarettes.  It was obviously pulling those disgusting toxins from my body.  As we continued to use the patches for the recommended 5 day cleansing period, my wife’s got lighter and lighter much faster than mine.  I had to keep using the patch for another 10 days before my patches got lighter.  It sure does go to show you how smoking is just terrible!  I am still a smoker (trying to quit) but I must say that my wife and I love your product.  We both feel so much better when we use them.  We use them about once a month now and have been for over half as year.  Thank you.” Dave M.

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